Diary in English7/17


Today is the Japanese national holiday called ”Uminohi.” It means "Sea Day."
So my online English teacher who is Filipino asked me whether or not all Japanese have to go to the sea and I answered, ”No, we don’t have to go there!”
I havent been to a beach yet this summer so I really want to go there!

Yesterday I pledged to get up at around 7am and I quit being a lazy person, but I couldn’t get up early today…. I’ll wake up early this time, starting tomorrow!

Today I went through 4 online lessons and had a conversation with my language partner who lives in Hawaii.
It was the first time we chatted. It was fun!
We have only 5 hours difference between Japan and Hawaii, so we can arrange times easily.
I want to continue learning languages with him. Both learning English and teaching Japanese are interesting for me.

Then I studied English for the next TOEIC exam. I should keep studying and expanding my vocabulary!


Thank you for your correction Henry on italki!








でも、真面目に勉強したい!という人と繋がれた時は、とっても嬉しいです。Language exchangeでの気づきもまた時間のある時にまとめたいなと思ってます。









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